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Who is Roger D. Blackwell?

Well, this one, the one writing this right now, you may or may not be curious to know is NOT the professor from Ohio State University who was convicted of insider trading a few years ago.

Just thought I’d get that out there and that’s all we need to say about that.

So, a little about me, I am a baby boomer, born right in the middle of that era (1646-1964) in 1955. I had to stop working in December of 2010 due to heart disease.

Funny thing about stopping working, the bills still keep coming in. Nobody says to the bill collectors “hey man this guy isn’t bringing in the bucks anymore so stop sending those bills ‘cause he can’t pay them anyway”.

When I was still working I had started to dabble with the idea of seeing if I could make some money with this “internet thing”.

Now, when I started I didn’t know much more than how to turn a computer on. Never mind all the techno stuff that it takes to know how to find your bearings on the internet highway.

Several years ago there were people, gurus who would tell you, sell you on what you needed to do. They would tell you what you needed to do, some even how, to do it. But for a technically declined grandpa like me, the learning curve was about as steep as they come.

It’s not like that anymore if you know the right mentors who care about your success, not just about your wallet or purse. I’ll come back to that.

There are many categories of people in various financial predicaments and situations who are looking to solve their problems. People like me who paid very little attention to preparing themselves for the later years in life. They are frustrated with their lot in life. They don’t like their job. They don’t make enough money, to say nothing of saving for retirement.

They worry about their future. They worry about retirement. How can they retire when they can’t make enough money to live on working full time? People are scared of the future, their kids’ future, there’s no money for college.

People used to begin pre-retirement conversations with statements like “when I retire, such and such”. Now the conversation has turned to “if I’m ever able to retire, so and so”. These are very scary times for everyone in a financial sense. The older you are the scarier it is. I know it all sounds like doom and gloom and I’m not here to scare anyone. I’m here to get you to think about alternatives, which by the way, there are some, thank God.

Putting aside the question of whether or not you even want to retire, some people don’t, maybe we can phrase it another way. There is a long standing statistic that revealed, people who retired and did nothing, you know, lie on the couch and watch reruns of “I Love Lucy”, were dead within 2 years.

So let’s not call it retirement. Let’s change the thoughts and planning that go into pre-retirement. We’ll call it “getting yourself to the point of being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it”. Long title, sure, but it gets the point across.

Maybe you’re a lot younger than me and the group of people I’m talking about. You hate your job. You only do it for a paycheck (which I think is the majority of people). What if you don’t make enough money for you and your family to live on even remotely comfortably?

Get ANOTHER J.O.B? ARGHHH!!! Heck you don’t have enough time to even turn around as it is.

I was too busy partying and spending all of my money during my working career.

So, whether you’re worried about retirement, you know, how you’re going to get by on 50 percent of what you can’t live on now. Or, you’re just tired of working to make someone else rich or maybe you have a traditional brick and mortar business that runs you instead of you running it, there is an answer, an alternative, a God-send.

Now hear me out, because if you are in one of the categories mentioned above you need not only a plan but an accelerated plan. Your own internet business is just that plan.

I really don’t expect to change anybody’s mind who is dead set against, closed minded to the idea. If your mind is open even slightly to a new possibility, you need to really think about this idea. You have people counting on you to do the right, safe thing.

Do you know how simple it is to start your own internet business? I’m not saying it is easy to build a business into a success because it takes work and perseverance. It is much easier and cheaper than a typical brick and mortar or even a franchise type of business though. The kind of business I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. That’s just one. There are many others you can build once you know how to market on the internet.

I don’t know how much time you have or how worried or scared you are. Investing in the stock market, even if you have substantial enough money to do it, is risky at best and time is too short to make any significant gains anyway. You need a new plan and it needs to be accelerated.

I am not naïve enough to think that everyone who reads this article is going to jump all over my idea. I am positive though that there are people who will at least take a look at a potential opportunity. They may have tried this route before but didn’t have anything equal to the attraction marketing systems available now.

There are people who have never even been introduced to the possibilities on the internet. By the way, don’t be thinking any of that get rich quick, 100k a month by Saturday crap either. I am talking about a business you can be proud of and can even leave to your kids.

I started out just where you are right now and I feel a whole lot better about the future now. In fact I have a warning for you. DON’T DO WHAT I DID.

Actually, don’t do PART of what I did.

After that very long learning curve I told you about earlier? And after some less than bragging rights types of little commissions, I got involved in what’s called Top Tier Affiliate Marketing. That’s where the commissions are HIGH dollar. I started seeing commissions roll in in the 1 thousand dollar range. They were all in the 1K to $1200 range and I WAS IN AWE!

So much in awe that all I did was sit back and watch the money come in and guess what I DID NOT DO? I didn’t re-invest that money into more marketing (I did have to use some of it to live on too) but, for the most part I just let my list languish instead of continuing to build it and after a short period of time, all the serious people on my list spent and there was no more to be had.

You can have a list of thousands of people but only a small percentage of them will be as serious as you and me and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I didn’t have the “want to” or the money to build it back up. I just didn’t have it in me anymore and after a while it all just went away.

I moped around for quite some time but just couldn’t get the “internet thing” to well up in me again. So I taught myself how to wholesale real estate. I’ve done several deals but have found that’s a very feast or famine business.

So the “internet thing” came back to me last year and, as usual, I was introduced to the right opportunities and the right people.

I’m now back to  affiliate marketing and am in the process of building several websites in various markets including teaching affiliate marketing.

I really relate to people who just can’t stand working for someone else any more and I want to help them get out of it. Sorry this got so long but hey, there’s a lot to say:) I’m just going to hope that you stick around to Fund Your Lifestyle with me Roger D. Blackwell and you’ll find out for yourself what we’re all about. Talk soon.

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