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Can I Still Fund My Future At My Age?

Have you waited too long to fund your future? The answer depends on what you’re willing to do about it and/or how old you are.

If you’re under 30 and doing work you love, that you’d (almost:) do for nothing , you can probably set up a financial plan that will provide you a pretty good retirement.

If you do fall into that category count yourself lucky, not because you’re still young but because the percentage of people who actually love what they do is very small.

The number of people who, maybe not hate but are dissatisfied with their job is around 70%. That’s a lot of unhappy people running around so they should be very motivated to change what they’re doing, right?

And that’s not even considering whether they make enough money to put away for retirement. Lots of people can’t even fund their lifestyle now, never mind funding their future.

A humorous, but not very funny when you think about, saying about retirement I heard some time ago was “how are you going to live on 50% of what you can’t live on now?”.

So What Can You Do To Fund Your Future?

Fund My Future

Have you ever heard someone say “if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it”? Doesn’t “how much money do I need for retirement?” sort of sound like the same thing? I know that it really is a legitimate question and most people are just looking for a ballpark figure.

I think it’s fair to assume, or read into, the question that a lot, not all by any means, of the people are asking not only how much money do I need for retirement , but how do I make more?

Or when they ask that question on the internet they are saying that they already know they don’t or won’t have enough, I need to know how to earn more.

When you search on the internet using that question you are provided with a shipload of websites that are all basically saying the same thing; use a retirement calculator, add up what you think you’ll get from your retirement plan, add that to what you think your Social Security will be and voila!

Then some will actually tell you that you need to figure out what prices will be in the future, how much you’re spending now, how much you’re going to spend in the future and, I even read one that said plan on spending less than you do now because you need to plan to live on 80% of what you are living on now. Well how exciting and enticing is your retirement future with that kind of thinking?

If you are satisfied with that kind of limited thinking and living then you might as well stop reading now and go continue planning your poverty filled retirement. Seriously, if you’re anything like me, your dreams of funding your future don’t include counting pennies and applying for government assistance.

What Are You Willing To Do To Get Where You Want To Go?

Do you want to have “just enough” to retire, just enough to make it month to month? Or do you, and this is my motto, want “to do anything you want to do any time you want to do it”? Well, I know that’s kind of a no-brainer, so then the question becomes; what are you willing to do to get to that point?

If a good majority of the people who ask the question “how much money do I need for retirement?” aren’t also asking; how do I make more?, I’ll eat my hat (smile).

Fund Your Future

This is where we separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Have you ever considered your own business? Not a 10 or a 100 or a 500 thousand dollar franchise but just a simple home based business. Simple but potentially very lucrative, one you can start for under $1K.

There’s Not Only An Answer, It’s A Shortcut

There is an industry that has gone through some very long and strenuous growing pains but today is really coming in to its own.

That industry is top tier affiliate marketing and with the unprecedented number of people reaching the retirement age (baby boomers) and the uncertainty of the economy, people are looking at the industry and the opportunity with renewed vision and are more open to the possibilities than ever before.

Affiliate marketing is how most people start on the internet but you have to be careful. You don’t want to do all the setup work just to make nickels and dimes, which I’ve done. That’s why I say top tier affiliate marketing and not just affiliate marketing.

In top tier affiliate marketing the commissions are much bigger and therefore much more lucrative and desirable.

You can do some of the smaller commission affiliate marketing but it should be part of your plan, not all of it.

So the question of “how do I fund my future?” is legitimate. If you’re really serious about it, start exploring how you can make more. The more you make and the more you have the less you will be forced to ask that question. Do it right and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

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