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Making Money After Retirement

The reasons people look up “making money after retirement” are many, probably as many as the words on this page. This article is about an alternative to working after retirement. Some people don’t have to work. They just want to stay busy. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people just don’t have the money to retire comfortably.

Looking For Retirement Help?

There’s another wide ranging question. What kind of retirement help are you looking for? I’m a baby boomer, born smack dab in the very middle of the era of 1946-1964. That would be 1955 and do you know what I did not do for most of my life? That’s right, think ahead and save money for retirement.

Making Money After Retirement
Making Money After Retirement

I have a very strong feeling I’m not alone in that boat:) I don’t know exactly what the numbers are except I know they’re high. A very large number of people are not prepared to retire with no worries. If you’re one of the few people who have no money worries in your senior years and just want something to do, then working for something to do might work for you.

But even then, you won’t be able to control your own time. So you might want to pay attention to what I have to say as well. If the retirement help that you are looking for is a handout then I can’t help you. But I can help you to help yourself.

How to Earn Money in Retirement-Jobs for Retired People?

Just writing that sub headline made me shudder. Every day that goes by, it’s being proven over and over again that the 40 year plan doesn’t work. In fact I’ve revised the wording of the plan to say “work for 40 years to retire on 50% of what I can’t live on now”. You may have heard me say that before but I repeat it often because it’s not only important…it’s so true!

I like to work. I’ve always liked to work. I don’t like working for someone else. I’ve never liked working for someone else. To have a job and to have to work in your prime years is bad enough but then you want me to get another job after I retire? Count me out.

So here’s the bottom line for me (just in case I haven’t repeated myself enough yet:). I want to keep busy and I want to make enough money in order to have the time to do what the heck I want to do. Ok, that should get the point across:)

Listen, I know you are starting to get a little worried because that retirement date is drawing closer and closer. You may be 10, 5 or even 1 year away. Obviously the further away you are the better. You may have already retired and find it a struggle.

I found a better and faster way rather than looking for jobs for retired people. Why in the world would you want to subject yourself to that environment if there’s a possible alternative?

Let me just say that anything honest and respectable I salute. This is not meant to put down anyone who is at that retirement age and working at Wal Mart or a fast food restaurant. I’m just here to present an alternative. Not just an alternative but something that could exceed your wildest dreams of retirement.

How to Retire and Still Make Money

Haven’t you worked to make someone else rich long enough? The answer to your retirement worries is to start your own home business. I’m not talking about a franchise that costs hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars. I’m talking about a business you can start for very little money. You could change your whole remaining future, which could be a lot of years, with a 2-5 year business plan. Some people change their lives in a year.

Don’t expect to start hearing (reading:) a bunch of hype because that is not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about any get rich quick schemes because, frankly, there is no such thing.

I’m talking about a legitimate business plan that you could work at, even work hard at for a time and not only earn a significant monthly income but an income that keeps coming in whether you decide to work or not. Once you build it up it’s relatively easy to maintain.

Working After Retirement?-Fuhget About It

You can start a business part time if you’re still working. Let’s say you’re 10 years away from retiring, you work a business plan for 1-3 years and retire even earlier than you had planned. What if you’re 5 years away? same thing. Two years away and you could create some spectacular timing. What if you’re already retired? Well, then you can work full time and get there even faster. You need something to do anyway, right?

One of the great things about having a home based business is the tax advantages. You could save a significant amount of money just on the tax savings.

Right now the economy is humming along pretty good. But you never know what’s going to happen when it comes to the economy from one year to the next. As you probably already know, there’s really only one thing, person you can count on and that’s the guy or gal looking back at you in the mirror.

Not only do you need to increase your income you need to have assets which are valuable. What I propose to you will not be for everybody for all sorts of reasons or should I say, excuses.

This article you are reading could change your life and your future in a very big way. It may not be for you. That’s ok too. I believe you are reading this article for a reason, don’t you? You certainly have nothing to lose by taking a look. Put your name and email in the box and stick around and learn something. It won’t kill ya, it just might be the answer to your prayers.

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