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Pre Retirement-Your Own Internet Business?

Now, pre-retirement covers a lot of people. Everybody who’s not retired is in that stage, right? Will you get caught with your pants down? You had better be ready. This article might just open your eyes a little bit.

People used to begin pre-retirement conversations with statements like “when I retire such and such”. Now the conversation has turned to “if I’m ever able to retire so and so”. These are very scary times for everyone in a financial sense. The older you are the scarier it is. I’m not here to scare anyone. I’m here to get you to think about alternatives.

Your Own Internet Business

Pre Retirement-How Long Do You Have?

Putting aside the question of whether or not you even want to retire, some people don’t, maybe we can phrase it another way. There is a long standing statistic that revealed people who retired and did nothing, you know, lie on the couch and watch reruns of “I Love Lucy”, were dead within 2 years.

So let’s not call it retirement and let’s change the thoughts and planning that go into pre retirement. We’ll call it “getting yourself to the point of being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it”. Long title, sure, but it gets the point across.

Just so you know, I am a baby boomer, born right in the middle of that era in 1955. I did not, for most of my life, do any pre retirement planning. I didn’t even start to think seriously about it until I turned 50. I was too busy partying and spending all of my money.

So when I did start to think about it I was about 15 years away from the traditional age of retirement. When it comes to earning and saving enough money, working at a regular job, 15 years is just about impossible to get it done. That’s not even considering how much debt you have.

Pre Retirement

Pre Retirement-Have You Thought About Your Own Internet Business?

Now hear me out, because if you are close to retirement and your pre-retirement planning hasn’t exactly been textbook, you need not only a plan but an accelerated plan. Your own internet business is just that plan. I really don’t expect to change anybody’s mind who is dead set, closed minded to the idea. If your mind is open even slightly to a new possibility, you need to really think about this idea. You have people counting on you to do the right, safe thing.

I’m just going to mention quickly, and I don’t know how much attention you pay to world events, that the stack that is against you being able to take care of yourself and your family is getting higher day by day. That is a whole other article, even a book, in itself.

Your Own Internet Business-Thousands Now Doing It Who Thought They Never Could

Do you know how easy it is to start your own internet business? I’m not saying it is easy to build a business into a success because it takes work and perseverance. It is much easier and cheaper than a typical “brick and mortar” or even a franchise type of business though. The kinds of business I’m talking about are making and selling your own product or affiliate marketing, selling someone else’s products and getting a commission for it.

The older you are the better the chance you’ve been exposed to affiliate marketing. You may have been bugged to death by a friend or family member about the “greatest opportunity that ever came down the pike”. Or maybe you were the bugger rather than the buggee(smile). You quickly found out how to alienate your friends and family.
Affiliate marketing has changed and so has the approach.

Your Own Internet Business

Pre Retirement, Your Own Internet Business and Facing Reality

One more thing about that chasing your friends and family thing, one of my mentors says do not do it, not at all. You won’t have to because after they see what you have done through modern methods of networking, they will be coming to you.

I don’t know how much time you have or how worried or scared you are. Investing in the stock market, even if you have substantial enough money to do it, is risky at best and time is too short to make any significant gains anyway. You need a new plan and it needs to be accelerated.

I am not naïve enough to think that everyone who reads this article is going to jump all over my idea. I am positive though that there are people who will at least take a look at a potential opportunity. They may have tried this route before but didn’t have anything equal to the attraction marketing systems available now.

There are people who have never even been introduced to the possibilities on the internet. By the way, don’t be thinking any of that get rich quick, 100k a month by Saturday crap either. I am talking about a business you can be proud of and even leave to your kids. As the old saying in marketing goes “some will, some won’t, so what, next?”  I started out just where you are right now and I feel a whole lot better about the future now. Take a look into your own internet business and put your pre retirement planning on the fast track.

Pre Retirement
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