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You Will See It When You Believe It

To See It You Have To Believe It

Think of a time when you wanted something really, really bad. Your desire to have it took over every one of your thoughts, but your mind kept telling you to “fuhget about it”. Tell your mind to “fuhget it” because you will see it when you believe it.

One of the craziest aspects that comes from the subject of success, happiness and a peaceful easy feeling:) is exposed when we really understand one thing: Just having the desire means and affects nothing.

What you and I want in life doesn’t mean much in the whole scope of things. Everybody wants to be healthy, wealthy, happy and to be the smartest guy in the room. Not everyone has or can even get these qualities.

Once in a while we do get to experience one or, if you’re lucky, all of them sometimes. It’s this “every once in a while” bout with success that lets us believe that if we really want something and if we work hard enough for it we just might get it.

It’s probably true that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. But that’s not exactly the correct law of the universe is it? Intending to do something is just not good enough. Not even just having good thoughts is enough.

See It Believe It Achieve It

There are other laws of nature that we may or may not know about that work like any other scientific law, meaning when all the right ingredients are in place there’s always a certain outcome. These laws are at your beck and call and just the act of practicing them can bring about enormous and relatively quick abundance.

The only thing that matters is your expectation, what do you expect to happen? What we believe is what we’re gonna get man!. What matters is our mindset about who we are and what we deserve.

You may have heard me say before that one of my favorite people in history is Earl Nightingale who said: “We become what we think about”.

It is not enough to just want, wish or hope. Remember the old saying; “wish in one hand and @#%$ in the other and see which one fills up faster”. Sorry, a little crude I know but it gets the point across.

To See It You Have To Believe It

See It Believe It Receive It

It’s not enough to simply set goals or work hard. We must tell ourselves over and over again in our mind, in our heart, that what we want is gonna happen. We have to see it, hear it, taste it, smell it and feel it happening to us right now.

We have to do this even if right now you’re sitting in a homeless shelter filling out food stamp and rental assistance applications (which is a position I’ve been in before btw). It’s called faith (believing without evidence) in our dreams. We have to act as though, pray as though, and move as though what we want ALREADY IS.

As human beans:), we have what is called our sub-conscious which cannot tell if something is real or of the imagination. In other words, it believes whatever you tell it, true or not. A pure vision that is spoken with conviction over and over becomes real, even if there is evidence saying the opposite. This is how you and I can turn our hopes and dreams into our realities.

Money is sometimes seen as a bad thing in our lives when actually it is a “supersizer” of our intentions. It can make bad intentions worse and it can make good intentions better. Our lives can be improved beyond belief with financial freedom. Freedom to make your hobby your occupation. Freedom to give our time and money. Freedom to chase our dreams. Freedom to do anything we want to do any time we want to do it.

How Much Do You Believe You’ll Receive?

You don’t even have to be rich to enjoy these freedoms. What would you do with your life if you could just make the money you’re already making without going to work?

Now dream a little dream. Pick an amount of any income that would really change your life but is still believable to you. Can you see yourself making an extra thousand a month? What would you do with it? How would it change your life? Would you enhance your education, your personal and spiritual development?

Just take a minute and imagine what your life would be like if money was no object. Now write down what you see your life becoming, your day to day routine. Describe it in detail, with as much emotion and enthusiasm as possible. The key to having your subconscious mind believe in your vision is to make it crystal clear and full of every detail, including the most important detail: how it all makes you feel.

Whether we’re talking about your wealth, relationships, health, achievements, or all of the above take charge of your future. Have the courage to be the director of your life. Be responsible for creating your life of choice. The universe will astound you with its generosity. There is a price to pay, but if it’s something near and dear to your heart, it is a price you won’t mind paying in the least.

To See It You Have To Believe It

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